Now Christmas is over (I hope everyone had a good Christmas).I feel like every year we all say/hear a tired ass, unattainable resolution for the New Year. So because of that, I have complied a list of my new year resolutions that I will achieve and I hope it could give you inspiration or an idea for yours.

1. Drink more water

I like to think I do but I do not, especially when coming back home from a long day of sixth form and I’m looking at my water bottle, I’m seeing nearly a full bottle of water! Imagine I’ve went basically a whole 7 hours without even having a drink. Trash. It’s like I was asking for bad skin, poor grades and shit health. So I think, more water drinking in 2017, quenching my thirst and all of that. I want to be full of health.

2. Read more

This is so frustrating because I love to read, but procrastination strikes than I realise I have responsibilities… and I just don’t find the time to read. Well not anymore now, I’ve got 3 books in my room right now just pending to be read. I might even start reading one now!

3. Pass practical ( driving test )

I just need to start driving. I really don’t want to leave it any longer. I was having lessons back in like August/September but mocks happened and I wanted to invest all my effort in them so I dropped the lessons and haven’t even picked them up since. It’s so annoying because I reckon if I carried on with them I will be driving by now plus it’s a waste of money with how I didn’t carry on. This is probably the most important resolution.

4. Go get it! 

I’m only limiting myself if I doubt myself. Don’t regret anything, just try at anything and everything. I will just work hard in all areas: education, friendships, health etc. I just want to be the best person I can be and I have to realise it does take time. But I can achieve it.

While writing this I realised that I shouldn’t really wait upon the New Year to make these changes. Look at my last resolution, it says I should just do it. I should implement these resolutions now in my life rather than being passive and just waiting to change.

So if you have a resolution and it’s just to go gym or just be more positive, whatever it is just do it now. Don’t wait for January 1st, just do it now and stop delaying improvements to your life.

Other than that, I wish you all a Happy New Year, stay safe, don’t drink and drive, call that Uber and I hope nothing but blessings in 2017 for you.

P.S Next upload January.