If you know me, you know I love to eat. So I got told about how Byron Hamburgers were having this promotion on the 23rd November, which basically is the first 150 people get free burgers. So me being me, I knew I had to go after sixth form to secure some. I messaged my friend Zil because he is always about and we went.

Imagine, we get there for around about ten to six in the evening (bear in mind that the promotion/event starts at 6) and we were slapped by one hefty queue, I felt sick. Free things are always bait. I completely forgot about the German market as well, passers-by that were in town for the German market hopped, skipped and jumped when they seen free burgers especially with the ongoing extortionate prices at the German market this was like blessing for some of them. Anyway I didn’t let this discourage me because I was gassed at the idea of even getting a free ‘restaurant standard’ burger plus it was my first time eating at Byron.

At 6, the workers braved the cold in just t-shirts (I don’t know how because it was cold as fuck) and handed out wristbands which basically confirmed whether you got a free burger or not. Let me just say, I wouldn’t even be writing all of this if I didn’t get one. It was so close-though the waitress had only 10 left in her hand when she gave me one. At this point there was no going back nor was the idea of leaving because the line was not moving.

The line moved slowly to be honest and I could understand why – with all the fresh meat they had to cook and the constant stream of hungry customers. On the bright side, while in the line a Wagamama waitress came out every so often offering samples of their food. Wagamama’s was doing the most to try to finesse customers offering stuff like: squid, firecracker chicken and all that good stuff. As me and Zil got closer to the front of the entrance of the restaurant, Byron clocked on to what Wagamama was doing and started handing out samples too. In comparison to Wagamama, it was not the best. It was like this weak ass dry floured chicken nugget.

So we get to the front of the line and step inside, all I can hear is this heavy house beat and I’m not even mad about it – I really liked it, obviously along with the collaboration of chatter and drinks clinging. Welcomed by a waiter we went to our table, he seen our wristbands he knew we weren’t here to play. Oh, we also got free beer, which we won in a raffle they had at the door. Anyway, the food came: peng, peng, peng and peng. We both got cheeseburgers (the burger you got for free) and I got this massive salted caramel milkshake, which was possibly the best milkshake I’ve ever had probably because the only bought milkshake I’ve had is the McDonald’s one. On top of all of that I also bought cheese fries this was nice too but I would’ve liked more cheese on them. The cheeseburger itself was filling and the taste got better with every bite. Yeah, so it was really good. I also clocked all that music was from a live in-house DJ and at one point, this guy slapped on a follow the leader instrumental and of course people made up a train of customers and staff, I would’ve joined but I was too invested in my food.

It was a good night, I would say the burger is easily in my top 5 for best burgers I’ve had. Can’t name it the best as I haven’t tried them all.

So I ask who n what n where is the best place to get a cheeseburger?