It’s been a while, I haven’t really been on job with this to be honest, in terms of content but I am making sure to not miss this February playlist! I think/hope it’s just a case of not having any inspiration to write, I have told people this when they hit me up asking “Where’s the next post at?” and so on but every time I speak upon why; it creates this internal monologue like I need to think of something, post, go, don’t think just post and I know that the post will not be well thought through or even planned: just piss poor choices and impulsiveness.

However, I do appreciate it when people ask about the next post or give me feedback, it lets me know that people actually do read this blog and want to see more from it. So I am personally saying thank you to everyone who is supporting this and me. Hopefully I will have time to upload more posts in the following months but it all depends on revision because of A- Levels etc. Now that is out the way this is the February playlist.

I hope everyone has a productive March and continue to work hard.

No but can we deep how fast this year is going, soon I will have finished A-Levels. Also Remy Ma going in on Nicki’s life is how I want to be with this revision.