JUNE HAS BEEN GOOD (besides exams)

I don’t know why but it felt like all those exams at GCSE went so much quicker. I done 22 exams, no lie and I remember the whole exam period going so fast but these A-Levels went on for time. I only had 5 exams as well but it felt like it was forever, I’m so thankful that I don’t have to be looking at gluconeogenesis because that was an actual myth. In my last exam (Biology paper 3) the last 30 minutes of the exam it dawned on me that I won’t need to sit in this hall or look at an exam paper again. I sat there and smiled throughout the rest of the exam. It’s not even like I hated my school or biology for that matter but I think it was more so the case that I’ve been like stationery, literally in the same setting for 7 years and it was tiring.

What I Liked:

Sixth Form finishing was probably the best thing that happened. I bought this book to read over summer but I actually finished it before summer even started so currently I hate myself but “Prisoner to the Streets” by Robyn Travis is a sick book and it’s emotional too but he effortlessly makes the book funny too so its like your on this rollercoaster full of events and emotions. The air max 97 summer scales would’ve been nice for summer they are peng, I don’t even like 97’s so that’s saying something. Also this podcast I recently started listening to called “How I Built This” which I highly recommend as the guy speaks to creators about the businesses they made and how it all started, it is inspiring content and oddly funny at times.

What I Watched:

Once again, I was late and I only just watched The Fate of the Furious (Fast and Furious 8) it was just okay, it was predictable but I did like the different environments they used but that is all I can say about it; I was not that amazed by it. I really liked Orange Is The New Black Season 5 because I think with this season specifically as it sets the whole season over 3 days it plays closer to real time and adds realism. In particular the character Linda from purchasing symbolised capitalist greed and she eventually learns to empathise and I think the show does make us, the viewers care about the people who lead difficult lives and I guess makes us reflect and consider the prison system and if it is really successful. As a whole the season was well thought out and coherent, I recommend.

What I am Listening to:

I need to listen to 4:44 too but I don’t have tidal so let me shut up.

I can sit here and write that my summer will be active but it’s one of them things were it really is what you make it. But I’m not even that excited too much about summer anyway the only thing that is really exciting me is not having to revise or wake up early. At this moment it feels criminal not revising in the evening so I’m trying to get rid of that mentality, the conditioning is real. However, if I find out your having a BBQ I’m coming. I don’t want to hear no noise in my ears, we’re all family at the end of the day. To be clear if I am not – my June was not fried.


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