From 12 am to 1 am I was on the I was on the phone to my brother a couple of nights ago speaking about how sick our childhood was when it came to video games. Between my 2 older brothers and myself when were little we shared a Nintendo GameCube and it was the best console of the time I have to say, we always used to play after school and one of the best things about it was that it focused heavily on split screen multiplayer. Now I’m not saying that we weren’t close but the GameCube always made us spend time with each other and I have some of the best memories playing it with them; it was too much fun and I am so glad our Mum bought it us. So because of how iconic the GameCube was I have put together a list of the games that really stood out for me and has given me some of the best memories playing, the list is in no specific order:

Turok: Evolution

Wow, what a game. This game was too good, I was flipping shook playing this (I was way too young for it when I first played it) but what a great game it was. Playing death match with my brothers was one of the funniest things. It caused so many arguments too, especially with the plasma cannon. The maps too! They were sick like the map were you dropped and you had to do ten toes to get back up the ladder before the dinosaurs ate you. This game banged severely.

Extreme-G 3

The soundtrack!!! It was by Ministry of Sound, I actually think it contributed to why I like electronic music. The game had diverse characters and the visuals paired with the good music yhat just gassed you up especially when you’re winning. It was so rewarding when you blew up the NPC’ (non-player characters) with the rockets, me and my brother used to play coop and win the league or whatever it was called. Anyway, it was an amazing game and they should remaster the game to be quite honest because honestly on a good quality output the colours and maps would look so sick; it would be like the racing version of Infamous Second Son.

WWE WrestleMania X8

If you did not play WWE games as a child… you haven’t lived. Cage match. Fatal 4-way. Ladder match. ROYAL RUMBLE. I don’t even look for WWE now but back then everyone knew it went off. I learnt the moves for this games, kicking people off the top of the cage was a lifestyle for me. And the character creation, how could I forget, the game had one of the best character creations in its time. So detailed, you could even edit ALL their moves to really decide how they wrestled.

Dark Summit

Okay let me just get this out the way: the story was trash but the little red Nokia phone in the bottom corner of the screen when you got a mission gave me life. I don’t even know why but it did. But yeah the split-screen, great once I understood that it wasn’t the fastest to get down the mountain but who could fuck it up by doing tricks to win. Very entertaining.

X-Men Legends

The first x-men console game I played after the Gameboy Advance game ( X-Men – Reign Of Apocalypse). Honestly, me and my brother went IN on this game, the game could have up to 4 players working together. It was flipping challenging at times which was what made it even more fun. I got a majority of my X-Men lore from this game, there was a pretty big roster to play from too – the only thing was annoying is that you unlocked it as you progressed. I’m pissed how they don’t make couch co-op games like this no more. Even the boss fights on this was fun and it had a coherent storyline with great cinematic unlike some games were it just drops you in a level. I also had X-Men Legends 2 but I felt the first one was better although the powers were a lot better in 2 as well as a larger variety of characters.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Best Tony Hawk game hands down. The soundtrack honestly one of the best things, it went so well with the skating and all the different maps. The maps, I knew the maps better than the floor-plan of my own house. Me and my brothers would play this game non-stop. Neversoft really did bits developing this gem. I even watched all the video clips you unlocked of the real skaters.

Spider-Man 2

This game was and is still one of the best hero games. I don’t care what you say. I liked Spider-Man 1 don’t get me wrong but the mechanics in that game were so glitchy, it annoyed me too much plus when you would websling and it attached directly above him in the unknown like at least with 2 you could see the webs attach to the buildings. Also, Spider-Man 2 had additional missions that didn’t even follow the film like the black cat missions. It was just a good game ok.

Def Jam Fights for NY

I’m gonna say it, it was better than the first. The gameplay was sick and I felt those punches like the sound effects were A1. I revised the moves in this game it was that deep, this game caused rifts in my house and we used it decide who was the better rapper. However I would say that the story was better in the first but everything else 2 trumps. Don’t mention the third one, you should know better. How could I forget – the soundtrack too, it was iconic. The game was so gritty I don’t think there will be another game like it.

The Urbz: Sims in the City

The Black Eyed Peas soundtrack, the different groups of people you experience and the different landscapes. Definitely a diverse and inclusive game ahead of its time like the whole Sims franchise to be fair. The story was meh and kind of shallow because it was basically gaining clout when I reflect on it now but as a child I didn’t mind. It was  split-screen 2 player too so it was not like most sims games. I reckon if it was like the normal Sims computer games were it’s just living the lives of them it would’ve been an excellent game.

Chicken Little & The Incredibles

Two of my favourite film adaptations to games. Chicken Little was basically Uncharted for 7 year olds don’t ask questions just watch gameplay and see. The Incredibles was just fun and a challenging game which made it even better (I grouped them together because it just felt right).

NBA Courtside 2002

The only NBA game I have REALLY enjoyed. 2k is too realistic now but courtside was the right balance plus Kobe was on the cover of the game case. I could play this game for hours unlike most NBA games now, I don’t even know why… Probably because it was simple and didn’t have all that complicated analogue stick business like now.

Bloody Roar: Primal Fury

The way I used to wish I could turn into an animal after playing this. Shina the leopard was my go to character, it was on site with her as you can see in the GIF. My brothers and I rinsed off this game. We compleed the story mode for every character even the unlocked ones.

Sonic Adventure 2

Fun, fun, fun and fun. You had to have at least one Sonic game and fortunately this one was ours. THIS GAME HAD ONE OF THE BEST SOUNDTRACKS ON A GAME EVER! Honestly every level had a good soundtrack! Every level! From city escape, all of knuckles and rogue’s levels had TUNES. Just listen to the soundtrack, listen to it!!! Matter of fact here is the link to a Spotify Playlist I have made of it. The gameplay was fun too! The treasure hunts were so good and the races too, 10/10 Sega. Even the multiplayer was good, Sega spoiled us to be honest.


There you have it, a list of iconic games that were all iconic in their own way. What was great about them was that me and my brothers could play those games for time. So many good memories, even though games have amazing mechanics and look beautiful nowadays, they just wont ever feel the same. I think it’s like an age thing I guess like when you’re younger you are just so easily impressed or what made the games so fun was how unrealistic they were…I don’t know I’m sure someone reading this gets my point.  But to be honest I don’t look at games for graphics it’s the gameplay for me that determins whether it’s good or not like the graphics are a plus. Thanks for reading and let me know if you played any of these games or you could tell me games I missed out on as a child.

Images used sourced from Google images while GIF’s are made by me (besides Turok and X-Men)

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