So that dreaded month is about to begin, when all A-Level students across the UK take exams. I understand that some may have already started this month but June is definitely when a ton of them start. I don’t even know how I feel about them, I feel like I have mentioned it before but it is always that feeling of never feeling like you have revised or prepared yourself enough for them. Listen, that feeling never goes it honestly haunts you like when you get in bed and you get all comfy and close your eyes – it just breaks in your mind and you just feel guilty for a human need?? I know I am not the only one that feels this but it’s dumb because shouldn’t we be prioritising out health? I’m not going to get into this now maybe a next time but yeah… sorry if I triggered you.

May was a good month even though not a lot of things has happened besides revision, I’ve just enjoyed it. If you haven’t known the UK is going through a general election which now I can actually vote in and I’m not even going to lie but politics is something that has never interested me since I was young but as I got older and more specifically after brexit I did feel a little cheated and it made me want to become more informed as the result of brexit will have a significant impact on me and my peers future. To be honest it does feel like that baby boomer generation shegged us I seen a tweet the other day basically saying something on the lines that they pulled the ladder up once they went up it and that analogy is too true!

What I Liked:

The main thing I liked this month was the fact that Sixth Form is nearly finishing, I just feel ready to leave. I’ve been at my school way too long and I just need a change of surrounding and summer to just start! Also just the rekindling of me just reading, I’ve ordered some books off amazon and I actually can’t wait to get more for summer. The new Spider-man trailer looks good too, I don’t like all the technology added to his suit… but it looked good nonetheless.

What I Watched:

Finally finally finally, I got to watch Get Out, now don’t ask me why it took me so long to watch it but I did. It was sick like the symbolism was weaved through it throughout and you could tell it was well thought out… but if I’m honest it wasn’t as amazing as everyone said it was. Perhaps this was because of how I left it so late to watch and the fact that I didn’t watch it in a cinema also how it was so hyped up I just went into watching that film hoping for something mad and it delivered definitely but I don’t know it needed something more. However I do recommend you watch it, if you havent like Jordan Peele did a great job with it and the message was clear. If you feel rattled by my review of Get Out, come buck me. Also I actually watched Riverdale and it was kinda good, its nothing special though it’s one of them shows were you can do stuff while watching it. I just want to know where ‘Miss Grundy’ is?  and did Cheryl kill her grandma with that fire too?

What I am Listening to:

Obviously there is other tracks I’m listening to but one of the major constraints of SoundCloud is that it doesn’t have all the songs. I’m not about to write a list of the additional music sorry.

I also want to say that my heart goes out to the victims families for what happened on 22nd May. I cannot imagine how they must feel and it is truly disheartening.


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