So you’ve ended up at the first blog post by me. This is really an introduction to my blog. The things I will write about. The things I like. The outings I have. It’s all quite new to me but I will try to be consistent with it at least every 2 weeks I hope – any longer and its normally down to sixth form or work…

Anyway, the blog: NOLONGTING. So it’s called that really because my posts aren’t like the conventional ones, where they’re just ridiculously long and basically a long ting. I mean they’re is nothing wrong with the posts that are long but if you want a quick read than, this is the place for you. Don’t get me wrong I can write an in-depth post if necessary but I just want to keep this space short and concise.

  Yeah, so that’s it.

In a bit.

I’m pissed the URL did not come through but whatever its grown on me.


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